Biodynamic Wine Tasting - Saturday the 3rd of August

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What does Biodynamic mean? How is it employed in a vineyard? Does it affect the taste of the wine? So many questions!!

In a nutshell, Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic and homeopathic style of farming that extends to viticulture. 

To learn more about this fascinating style of farming, we've decided to host a special biodynamic wine tasting to demonstrate the positive effects on grape growing and the environment.

Find out more about the oldest, anti-chemical agricultural movement whilst sipping on 6 quality, biodynamic wines on a day when the moon phase is in the optimal position for wine tasting (more on that later!).

There are limited spaces available so grab yourself a ticket before they run out!


LOCATION: The Corp Market, CF5 1GW

DATE: Saturday 4th of August

TIME: 7-9pm

**No physical tickets will be sent as we only need your name on the evening to confirm your booking. We will also send you a reminder email closer to the day with all the necessary information.**