Clidda Gawr Col Fondo, 2023 - The Dell Vineyard

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Tasting Notes: Deliciously aromatic with vibrant notes of elderflower, passionfruit and subtle yeasty characters. The palate is dry with mouth-watering zesty acidity, more elderflower, a gentle fizz and a toasty finish.

Region: Monmouthshire, Wales

Varieties: Schonberger, Reichensteiner, Phoenix
ABV: 11%
Closure: Crown cap


Pairing: Oysters, creamy garlic mussels or honey and ginger glazed salmon. It would also pair well with herbal flavours like rosemary, basil and lemongrass so get experimenting!

More Info: The Dell Vineyard is a small, family-run vineyard based in the heart of Monmouthshire between the Usk and Wye Valleys in Raglan. The Dell has been farmed by the Alford family for five generations and now includes at least 5000 vines of white and red hybrid varieties.

Lucy and Dan have been experimenting with their style of winemaking, trying new and innovative techniques to produce unique, expressive wines.

The Clidda Mawr is a col fondo that has gone through a secondary fermentation in bottle without filtration, giving it a cloudy, subtle spritz.

Drink once settled or wake the giant by giving a gentle shake to distribute the sediment for an extra toasty-brioche depth.

Clidda Gawr is a local legend, a giant who was said to live nearby to the vineyard, in his fortress upon Clytha Hill.

The label was designed by Dan Bright using linocut.