Devil's Bridge Bara Brith Spiced Rum (70cl)

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Tasting Notes: Aromas of molasses, dark chocolate and oak then baked caramelised bananas emerge followed by the buttered Bara Brith. The baking spices give the rum a complex and exciting spectrum of flavours. Similar to a complex single malt whisky, the astringency of the oak cast tempers the sweet vanilla notes that give the rum an unexpected dryness at the end.

Region: Carmarthenshire, Wales

Varieties: Complex spices and botanicals
ABV: 42%
Closure: Cork Stopper

Serve: On its own with ice, served long with a mixer or as a first class kick in any cocktail. Try in a Barracuda, Dark & Stormy or a Mojito.

More Info: Despite there being almost 200 options for rums available in the UK, Devil's Bridge founders weren’t satisfied with the divide between cheap, overly sweet rums and the overpriced ones. Recognising consumers were tired of the same thing, they wanted to appeal to a new market of rum drinkers with a product that was innovative and premium, without the expensive price tag. Artisanal, made with 100% real ingredients and a totally unique flavour to any other spiced rums, Devils Bridge Rum was born. Inspiring people to drink differently, it’s a rum to be remembered.

A blend of their base Caribbean rum is brought to Wales for distillation in their copper pot still, where it is steeped in a unique combination of botanicals and spices. Glengettie Black Tea for depth of flavour, Bara Brith for sweetness and Shirgar Carmarthenshire Butter for smoothness.