Ca' Vittoria Appassimiento Limited Edition, 2021

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Tasting Notes:  An intensely fruity wine with notes of plum, cherry and raisins. Soft tannins and acidity on the palate with notes of tobacco, spice, cocoa, coffee and vanilla.

Region: Puglia, Italy

Varieties: 60% Negroamaro, 25% Merlot, 15% Primitivo
ABV: 14.5%
Closure: Cork

Pairing: Rich, hearty dishes like a smoky sausage casserole or dishes with a plummy/cherry based-sauce.  

More Info: When the grapes reach the perfect ripeness they start a process that dry the grapes for two weeks. The drying process intensifies the flavours and sugars, giving the final wine concentrated fruit flavours. The skins are left on the must for a long period during fermentation to extract more colour and flavour. The wine is then barrel aged for 3-4 months adding subtle vanilla and spicy notes.