Citizen Moda Foca, 2021

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Tasting Notes: Jam packed with blueberry jammy fruit, this wine shows a lovely savoury, black olive edge. Fresh with ripe tannins and sweet fruit on the palate.

Region: Valencia, Spain

Varieties: 100% Monastrell
ABV: 13%
Closure: Screwcap


Pairing: BBQ ribs 

More Info: Moda Foca in Spanish means "Fashion Seal", hense the label. But what is the Fashion Seal Manifesto?

Wine is a fashion industry.
Love it one minute, hate it the next.
This is hip. Then it’s not.
What’s next?
Who cares.
We drink what we like. We drink what’s good.
Live your own life.
Live like a Moda Foca !