Alazani Rkatsiteli Amber, 2019

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Tasting Notes: A rich amber colour with notes of ripe nectarines, apricots and clementines with a subtle nuttiness on the finish.

Region: Georgia

Varieties: 100% Rkatsiteli
ABV: 13%
Closure: Cork


Pairing: Hummus, spinach & yoghurt dip, cheese pasties, baba ganoush or olives stuffed with lemon & garlic.

More Info: Rkatsitelli grapes are fermented and aged on their skins for four to six months before further ageing in stainless steel. 

Georgia is known as the `cradle of wine` as it is believed that winemaking stems from this area around 8000 years ago. Early Georgian winemaking traditions are still prevalent many thousands of years later including the use of a Qvevri (pronounced kwev-ri); a clay pot buried underground for fermentation and storage. As a Christian nation, Georgia was left unscathed by the Crusades in medieval times and was outside of the Ottoman empire which banned wine consumption under Sharia law which has meant that Georgia is not only the oldest wine region, but also the region which has most consistently produced wine throughout its history.

A family run winery, currently run by 2nd and 3rd generation - Simon and Daniil Nadashvili. Alazani is located in a village called Kardenakhi. Kardenakhi has a long winemaking history, every house/door had a vine growing over it and that’s where the name comes from - `Kari` (door) and `Venakhi` (vine) - `Kardenakhi`. Alazani makes wines in both the traditional `qvevri` way and more modern international winemaking styles.