Oena Gin, No. 1 Sauternes

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OĒNA is a unique collection of wine-forward gins, with extraordinary character. They offer a totally unparalleled experience, perfectly blending the complex and fascinating world of winemaking with the extraction and flavour suspension of modern distillation techniques.

OĒNA ‘Sauternes’ is infused with pre-ferment, noble-rot Semillon grapes. These grapes have been hand-picked from the finest vineyards in Bordeaux and blended with eleven carefully selected botanicals. Including orange, lemon, apricot, honeysuckle and pineapple. French oak has been used to highlight the extravagant aromas and flavours of this world-renowned wine region.

The Nose - Fresh with floral citrus.

The Palate - Rounded fruitiness, followed by dry juniper for a smooth finish.

The Finish - Light, bright and warming with notes of orange peel, lemon and dried apricot.