Pajzos T Dry Furmint, 2021

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Tasting Notes: This delicious dry white wine is made from Furmint, one of the main grape varieties that makes the famous sweet wine, Tokaji. Highly aromatic with notes of ripe peaches and pears on the nose. The palate has rich stone fruit and tropical fruit flavours of peaches and lychee. A grapefruit acidity gives freshness to the wine which finishes long and fruity.

Region: Tokaji, Hungary

Varieties: 100% Furmint
ABV: 12%
Closure: Screwtop


Pairing: Sushi, sweet & sour chicken, creamy, smoked or cured fish and goat's cheese.

More Info: The Tokaji wine region is in the north east of Hungary, towards the borders of Slovakia and Ukraine. The region is centred around the confluence of the Tisza and Bodrog rivers, with the vineyards planted on the south and southwest slopes above. The rising mists from the rivers in autumn encourage the onset of 'noble rot' in the grapes, producing one of the great and most distinct sweet wines of the world.

Chateau Pajzos is one of the great producers in Tokaj, Hungary. The estate was classified as a 'First Growth' in 1772 and its sweet wines have been enjoyed by Monarchs and Emperors for centuries. Louis XV of France famously called Tokaji the 'King of Wines'. In 1991, the Pajzos estate was bought by Jean-Louis Laborde who also owns the esteemed Chateau Clinet in Pomerol, Bordeaux.