Rizz Fizz Pet Nat, 2021

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Tasting Notes: Zesty and alive, this wine is full of citrus, citrus herbs and some juicy perfumed stone fruit. Dry, fresh and fun with a moreish drinkability and a slight yeasty aftertaste.

Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia

Varieties: 100% Riesling
ABV: 12.5%
Closure: Metal cap

Vegan. Organic. Natural.

Pairing: Creamy cheeses such as brie. 

More Info: This Pet Nat (Pétillant Naturel) is made using an ancient form of making sparkling wine. Contrary to most sparkling wines that rely on a second fermentation for the bubbles, a Pet Nat is a low intervention sparkling that's bottled before finishing the first fermentation without addition of yeast or sugar. The result is a lighter style of fizz that's lower in sugar and alcohol and usually has a small amount of yeast sediment on the bottom. Pour slowly to avoid the sediment or give it a gentle shake if you want more of it!